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who knows me half as well as me

[hockey] Hallsy&Ebs
LOOK. I wrote a thing! A thing longer than 1,000 words.

who knows me half as well as me | Hockey RPF | Jordan Eberle/Taylor Hall | 14,000 words | PG-13

Both of Jordan’s parents were wizards, but his father was Muggle-born, so Jordan and his siblings grew up rooting for both the Moose Jaw Meteorites and the Edmonton Oilers. Or as I kept describing it while I was writing it: Ebs is a wizard. He still plays hockey.

This is easily the longest thing I've ever written (14,000 words, what the fuck) and it's also the longest thing I've actually finished. It was mostly written during the first two, soul-crushingly hot weeks of August. I would stay at work until the sun set and it was cool enough to walk home, and then sit on a blanked on my roof and write until midnight because it was too hot to be inside and the later I stayed up, the longer I would sleep in in the morning and I wanted to sleep through as much of the day's heat as I could. So yeah, the writing went pretty quickly. The editing, however, took forever. Giant, huge thanks to accidentallymel for the excellent beta job.

Incidentally, while I was writing this, I went to a festival in a friend's town. People set up tents outside of town to sleep in, and we both thought they looked like the wizard tents from the Quidditch World Cup, which led to a discussion about what would you give up to be a wizard and just how difficult it must be for Muggle-borns to adjust to Hogwarts, both because of the magic AND because of all the Muggle conveniences they no longer have. I'd spent the last month thinking about that and had a LOT of thoughts. (Bethany gave me a weird look, so possible I had too many thoughts.)

Wizards tents at Moussem

What would you give up to be a witch? Would you give up the Internet or cell phones or your favorite TV show?

who knows me half as well as me notes

[hockey] Oiler Huddle
So, the magic in who knows me half as well as me was lifted directly from Harry Potter (first fandom!). I came up with the idea for the story while I was working at camp this summer, and there was a *lot* of Harry Potter nostalgia going on. (A group of us would kill time before dinner by playing Harry Potter trivia games on Sporkle and we even ended up acting out scenes from the book in the lounge one night. (For the record, all of us were grown-ass ladies in our mid-twenties.) Cass would shout out two characters or an event and Bethy and I improvised the scene, only Bethy was tired and lying on a mattress so every time Cass said a character, she would shout, "And I'm lying on the ground."

Cass: The Hall of Prophecy
Me: I’m Sirius Black and I just fell through the veil *hides behind a curtain*
Bethy: I'm Ron Weasley, and I'm lying on the ground.

Cass: Harry Potter and Cho Chang
Bethy: ... and I'm lying on the ground.)

ANYWAY, this was as much a nostalgic romp through Harry Potter as it was a hockey fic, and pretty much everything magical mentioned in who knows me half as well as me comes from Harry Potter. (I spent a lot of time looking up spells on the Harry Potter Wiki.)

So, for people who are curious about any of the spells or anything else mentioned, and don’t want to go trolling through the depths of HP trivia, here are some notesCollapse )
Somehow, miraculously, the Oilers schedule for 2010-2012 worked out in my favor and all the games/injuries I mentioned really happened, although I was totally willing to bend the truth for plot purposes.

who doesn't love a high school au?

[hockey] Hallsy&Ebs


Sign-ups for hs_hockey open Thursday, September 19th at 12:01AM EST!

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I have no idea what I'm going to write, and God and US government willing, I will be on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic the day fics are due, but how can I say no to a high school au. (Also, some of these boys actually went to high school in the US. Finally, I can write about something I actually know about.)

hockey people!

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So, I added a bunch of new people from the friending meme over at home_ice (hi new people!) and now I have fandom posts all over my flist and bunches of LJ comments to answer. It's like it's 2007 all over again! I'm really excited about finding hockey fans on LJ, since so far I've been lurking on Tumblr because I don't actually understand how fandom works on Tumblr. Like, Tumblr's a great platform to share images and gifs, but how do you talk to people there. No, seriously, how do you? Am I suppose to reblog something and comment then? And then they comment back by reblogging? Isn't that super annoying for everyone else following me who don't care about my conversations with other people? I'm too old for this shit.

Anyway, I'm lecturinginroom3b on Tumblr and til_midnight on Twitter, if you're looking for where else I hang out online. I don't really have any sort of introduction post, but I'm 28, am in the Peace Corps and live in rural Morocco. It's very hot here and I complain a lot during the summer. I taught myself how to make cheese, garlic and herb biscuits yesterday and now I never want to eat anything else. Feel free to ask if you want to know anything else about me. :)

Along with all the friending meme, there was a prompt challenge going on at home_ice and I ended up writing a bunch of little ficlets. The longer and more complete ones are on AO3, but eventually I figured out how to write actual drabbles.

i've got all this ringing in my ears (Jo/Nate) @AO3
circle the date (kidline OT3) @AO3
mine is the morning (Tsquared) @AO3

everything that matters breaks in twoCollapse )

the carolina heat isn't something that keeping a cool head can beat (EStaal/JSkinner)Collapse )

play datesCollapse )

party crashersCollapse )

Also, speaking of fic, I finished my Hall/Ebs HP!AU last night. It's 12,000 words, which means I've finally successfully written something that's longer than 1,000 words! Anyway, if anyone would willing to look over it or do some hand holding while I figure out how to deal with plot, that would be awesome.

best birthday present

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I was in Rabat for medical last week, and I spent a bunch of time hanging out in the volunteer lounge in between appointments, only the wi-fi wasn't work, which is crap since it is my sacred right as a PCV to be able to update the software on my laptop when I come to the capital. BUT ANYWAYS, it meant that I suddenly had a bunch of free time with my computer and I ended up opening the 1D fic I started writing this summer (working title: pretend boyfriends, dammit), before summer camp and Ramadan killed all inspiration, and reading it for the first time since August, and turns out, I'm almost finished. Like, really almost finished. I have two or three short scenes left to write and I need to finish one or two more scenes, but I'm basically 1,000 words from being done. AND I didn't hate it. While I was writing it, I felt like the pacing and flow were all to hell, but re-reading it six months later, I actually thought it was decent. So yeah, someone should glare at me until I finish that.

And speaking of One Direction, look what Sarah sent me for my birthday.

28th Birthday Present, What What
Not pictured: three blocks of cheese.

For my 28th birthday, my asshole friends went to Target, bought me 1D TOOTHPASTE and tiny notebooks and then shipped them to me in Morocco. They almost bought me the 1D Girl Talk game, but apparently decided against it since it would have cost like $50 to ship and let's be real, I would have played it once for a laugh and then left here. Man, my friends are the best. I haven't used the toothpaste yet, but I stuck the 1D-on-a-farm notebook in my purse and I use it to write down random Arabic words (both that I hear and that I need to look up when I get home). So far, the highlights include 'dirt' (nukasa), 'sand' (rumala) and my new favorite Arabic word 'very tired' (madigadiga).

possibly a terrible idea

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Okay, so Zyan is Muslim and the Internet tells me he tweeted about fasting last year (so it must be true), which makes me want to write gen fic about Zayn and Ramadan. DOES THAT MAKE ME A HORRIBLE PERSON? I think it might, kinda, but Ramadan would have JUST started when Zayn got to the bungalow (it actually started the day the other of the boys arrived, but Zayn arrived a few days later, which is probably not a coincidence) and so they were getting to know each other and becoming a band in the middle of Zayn fasting. And just, I want to write fic about the rest of the boys mocking Zayn for sleeping every afternoon (because he’s hungry) and Harry staying up late so he can cook Zayn food in the middle of the night and everyone trekking to the McDonalds (which in my heart is 24 hours, even though I know it probably isn’t) for the pre-dawn meal one day.

And then when the boys were at the judges’ house, it was still Ramadan, and not only was it Zayn’s first real trip away from home, it’s the middle of a major holiday, and didn't Zayn talked about being homesick? So the boys all research Ramadan in an attempt to cheer Zayn up, and they look up what traditional Ramadan food is and then Niall (because he speaks Spanish!) hunts all over Marabella for dates so Zayn can have a traditional meal for breaking his fast.

And I don’t know, the boys could try and fast with Zayn one day in solidarity and everyone assumes Niall will fail out because Niall + food is a real life OTP but he doesn’t because it’s Zayn and it’s important.

I don’t know, I just want this. Am I allowed to write it?

The two main topics on my mind recently have been Ramadan and One Direction. It's only natural to combine then, right?

voice meme

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I did that 1D voice meme that's been going around, because I love hearing other people's accents. It took me like, ten tries to successful record this because I kept sounding like an idiot or incorrectly using the voice memo feature on my iPod. So, give it a listen if you want ten minutes of me rambling about stupid boybands giving me feelings. (All of them good.)

(Also, for the record, I was born and raised in the south. I have almost no accent. Not sure how that happened.)

The questions:Collapse )

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I saw The Amazing Spider-man today and it was amazing and perfect and totally worth all the hoops I had to jump through to see it. (The nearest movie theater that doesn't dub all their movies in French is in Casablanca which isn't actually close and also, I hate hate hate Casablanca. I did it as a day trip, which isn't the craziest day trip I've ever done, but it's pretty bad. I spent NINE hours traveling to watch a two hour movie and spend an hour and a half sitting in McDonald's, and I don't even want to add up how much I spent today because it was totally wroth it.) (Totally worth it, but the movie ticket alone was more than what spend on food in a week. Ouch.)

Kayn spoilers bzeef!Collapse )

Also, Kim commented on how Andrew's hair would never fit under that mask and I laughed and laughed and told her that it was because Andrew Garfield's hair is MAGIC.

Awesome movie was awesome and I wish I could see it again. Now if only I could manage to see The Hunger Games and Avengers.

I use to be a real adult, promise

In case in one was wondering if I'd been able to reclaim my dignity and self respect, or if I'm still overly emotionally invested in a bunch of teenagers, the answer is one direction straight to hell.

I swear, I was never this interested in boybands when I was the appropriate age. (Pretty sure boybands weren't made of happiness and sunshine and rainbows and feelings when I was the appropriate age.)

I'm writing fic for the first time in ages, and this pretend boyfriend fic just reached 10k and needs at least another 5k before it's finished, what the everloving hell. I've never written anything this long or with this much of a plot. I keep poking at it and shouting, "Stop developing side plots. And feelings. Why won't you end?"

Also, this is giving me so many Hogwarts!au feelings that I'm not letting myself deal with until pretend boyfriends fic is finished.
“Which Harry Potter house would you be sorted in to?”

Niall: Hufflepuff

Liam: Gryffindor

Harry: Ravenclaw

Louis and Zayn: Slytherin
So, they're all in different houses, and everyone knows that houses at Hogwarts are about as friendly with each other as the cliques in Mean Girls, but somehow the five of them meet and become BFFs. Louis and Zayn are in the same house, obviously, and Louis and Harry have been friends their entire life. I'm not sure about Niall and Liam yet, but somehow they become this group of inter-house harmony that keeps getting kicked out of the library because all they really want is a place to hang out and play Exploding Snaps and dare each other to eat Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Finally, Liam sucks it up and asks the Weasley twins if they know of a place he can hang out with his friends from other houses, and the twins totally think he's trying to hook up with someone, but they tell him about the Room of Requirement anyways, so the boys just have to figure out how to sneak out of their own common rooms and they have a place to hang out. And of course the twins totally stake out the Room of Requirement because they want to know who Liam is hooking up with, but all they see are a bunch of different guys going in, so now they tease Liam about his gay inter-house orgies and Liam wants to die a little.

So yeah, if anyone was wondering what I spent today thinking about, there you go.

(If I stare at the internet hard enough, this will appear. That's how the internet works, right?)

I've also started collected gifs, somewhat by accident. I was just going to save a couple of my absolute favorites, and then they took over my desktop, so now I have a folder called so apparently I collect gifs now?Collapse )


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